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    • Low Back and Neck Pain
    • Joint, Muscular and Arthritic Pain
    • Trapped Nerves
    • Sciatica
    • Sports Injuries


  • Friendly and Professional Practice

    surgery-smallSituated in the heart of Derbyshire in the historic mining town of Clay Cross, close to the Peak District, we are a friendly and professional practice providing osteopathic care for the whole family.

    The Practice provides a registered, experienced osteopath and a friendly receptionist. There is free on-site parking for several cars, two air conditioned treatment rooms, reception and comfortable waiting area, toilet facilities and partial disabled access.

    The Practice was established in 2006 and has developed a reputation for providing high quality osteopathic care. It is held in high regard in the local area, with strong, positive links to local GPs and other health care professionals. At present the Practice provides over 2000 treatments a year to all age groups, for a variety of conditions, seeing patients from across the East Midlands.

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About Us


Tracey is the receptionist for the practice and has been with us for several years. If you would like to make an appointment, or wish to discuss any queries you may have regarding possible treatment, please give Tracey a call and she will be happy to help – 01246 866 947

  • FAQ

    What happens on the first visit?

    Full medical case history: you will be asked in detail about your problem along with questions about your medical history, lifestyle, diet, previous treatment etc.

    Osteopathic Examination: You will be assessed from a postural and mechanical standpoint; we will want to assess how your whole body functions as a unit, not just the area that hurts.

    Osteopathic Evaluation: You will be given an explanation as to the cause or causes of your problem, along with an honest opinion of how Osteopathy might help your case. If Osteopathic treatment is not appropriate for your particular problem you will be referred to the appropriate healthcare professional.

    Osteopathic Treatment: If appropriate and agreed, treatment is usually begun on the first visit.

    What shall I wear?

    To carry out an effective Osteopathic examination and treatment it is preferable that patients undress to their underwear (please wear appropriate underwear). If you feel you may be uncomfortable doing this please make sure you bring elasticated shorts, leggings or loose fitting clothing.

    Do I need to bring anything with me?

    Please bring a list of any medications you are taking.

    Results of any medical tests or investigations, such as X-Ray or MRI.

    Please feel free to bring a chaperone, such as a family member or friend.

    All patients under 18years will require a chaperone during all appointments.

    How long does the first appointment take?

    The first visit usually takes between 45-60mins.

    How long do further appointments take?

    Further visits usually take between 20-30mins.

    How many treatments will I need?

    This will depend on your individual problem and how long you have had it. Other factors include your general health, medical health, lifestyle, diet and your commitment to any recommended treatment plan. This will be discussed with you on your first visit.

    Is the treatment painful?

    No, Osteopathic treatment is gentle in its approach.

    Do I need to consult my GP first?

    There is no need to see your GP before visiting the Practice, although you may choose to do so. Osteopaths are classed as ‘primary healthcare clinicians’ – this means you can consult us without consulting your GP beforehand.

    Can I have Osteopathy during pregnancy?

    Yes, osteopathic treatment is very beneficial throughout pregnancy by helping the body cope with the changes and demands placed upon it.

    Pregnancy is a time where a woman’s body will go through the biggest change of her life as it begins to adapt to the stresses, strains and postural changes that are taking place.

    As the baby grows, this added weight and shift in the centre of gravity places extra stress on the body’s structures and results in some of the not so pleasant aspects of pregnancy such as low back pain, sciatic pain, neck and shoulder pain and wrist pain.

    Jamie Archer has considerable experience working with pregnant patients having trained with one of the top Osteopathic obstetric doctors in the country.

    For further information on the benefits of osteopathy before, during and after pregnancy please contact the practice on 01246 866947.

    Is osteopathy suitable for children and babies?

    Yes, osteopathic treatment is safe, gentle and non-invasive; the practice regularly sees babies and children from just a few days old right up through adolescence.

    The tremendous pressures involved in being born can sometimes result in stresses and strains throughout the infant’s body which may develop into varying problems. As the child grows, bumps, knocks, falls and injuries may lead to mechanical disturbances in the body.

    Osteopaths are highly trained to seek out and address mechanical disturbances, which are often very subtle in children.

    During development regular Osteopathic check-ups and treatment to address these disturbances may benefit your child.

    Parents may be required to take an active part in the treatment and are kept informed throughout the process.

    Is Osteopathy covered by my medical insurance?

    Osteopathy is recognised by most healthcare insurance providers. If you are looking to claim all or part of your fees back please check your policy with your healthcare provider before making an appointment.

  • Osteopathy for Business

    office-back-smLow back pain is the leading cause of long-term sickness in the UK, responsible for more than 15 million lost work days each year. Most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives which may last days, weeks or even months.
    The most common causes of back pain are strained muscles, joints or ligaments, wear and tear and poor posture. Poor posture can also lead to other work-related problems such as neck, shoulder, arm or wrist pain.
    People with severe, persistent low back pain or chronic repetitive strain injury may require continual time off work if not treated promptly and effectively.

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  • Courses and Teaching

    oesteopathy_coursesJamie is a busy in-demand global teacher, lecturer and presenter. He makes several international trips each year to speak to and instruct Osteopaths in a variety of subjects including clinical anatomy, bio-mechanics and technique. Closer to home, he is part of the teaching faculty for the Institute of Classical Osteopathy based in Surrey on their post graduate programme. As a clinical anatomist Jamie works with the staff at Keele Medical School’s anatomy suite, helping to prepare new anatomical material for teaching purposes. He also runs courses in applied clinical anatomy based at Keele.

    If you would like to book Jamie for any CPD; courses, seminars, lectures or conferences please contact the Practice to discuss details.