Name: Beth Douglass

Occupation: Student

Locality: Clay Cross

Having visited Alma Osteopath for a number of years now for a back problem, I could not recommend Jamie's practice more! Jamie is extremely professional, calm, reassuring and highly knowledgeable, and I was amazed at how quickly he was able to alleviate stiffness and pain after only a few appointments. His willingness to explain reasons for the specific treatments he provides during each appointment helps you to understand how and why certain actions cause and reduce pain and discomfort, and his advice for exercises at home has been invaluable.

Whilst the treatment provided by Jamie is excellent, his extremely helpful and friendly receptionist Tracey is also very accommodating with booking appointments, and she immediately makes you feel comfortable and welcome in the clinic. As a patient at Alma Osteopathic Practice, the importance of your wellbeing is made clear, and the service provided is of the highest standard.


Name: Simon Busk

Occupation: Branch Manager

Locality: Tupton, Chesterfield

I had a bad motorbike accident 33 years ago, which left me with a recurring problem, if left untreated, eventually causing my back to lock and a great deal of pain. I have been visiting Jamie every twelve weeks for ten years now and this keeps me upright, mobile and pain free. Occasionally I have had to see Jamie in-between these visits (usually when I have done something silly) and have never had to wait long for an appointment to get sorted out.

The other thing not widely known, is that Osteopathy isn't just for backs and can help with other areas/ailments, or after operations. Jamie has helped me with knee, hip and shoulder problems and once even cured a headache that I walked in with, I wish that talent could be bottled?

I have no hesitation in recommending Alma Osteopathic Practice to everyone, Jamie is brilliant and Tracey never lets you miss an appointment.


Name: Ginny Luck

Occupation: Sales

Locality: Alfreton

Alma Osteopathic Practice I can honestly say has revolutionised my quality of life.

I damaged a disc in my lower back in my mid-twenties whilst Rowing, and spent the next decade almost partially crippled. At one point I was even on a hospital waiting list to have the disc removed and my spine fused. 

I could hardly move when I got up in the mornings, couldn't do things like put my socks on, tie my shoes etc. I couldn't walk very far and was in constant pain. My back was ridiculously stiff and I had no movement. I had to have frequent time off work when the disc kept prolapsing which was agonising and at times had me crawling round the house on my hands & knees as I couldn't stand upright.

I found Jamie's practice and went for a consultation. Over the next few months he completely changed how my back functioned.

I now only have to visit every three months for a routine maintenance check-up and can now lead a normal life. I have no pain, go to the gym three times a week, can walk round shopping centres for 3 hours comfortably and can even run on a treadmill three times a week for 20 minutes!

I cannot thank Jamie enough for taking me back 10 years & totally revitalising my life!

I just wish I’d found him sooner!

Thanks Jamie & Tracey.


Name: Elaine Young

Occupation: Boarding Kennels Owner

Your Locality: Ashover

Having suffered for over a decade with sciatica, back pain, hips and legs pain and having tried, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, sports massage therapy and having been to numerous other osteopathic practices the most that had been achieved was a temporary minor relief, I had become resigned to the fact that this is how it was and to make the best of it. I was advised by a close friend to try Alma Osteopathic Practice and thought I might as well but was not really expecting any difference to other practitioners.

In the very first session Jamie explained what the problems were, after the treatment he showed me what had been the various problems on his plastic skeleton and how that had affected my body. Not once did I have any discomfort during the treatment Jamie has the most amazing feel and knows exactly were the problem is located. I am now totally pain free and have become so used to bring pain free that if I have any discomfort even minor I immediately think my body must be out of line, better phone Alma Osteopathic Practice. It's wonderful to feel that being pain free is the norm now. I can without any fear of any kind say that Jamie and Alma Osteopathic Practice are the very best and we are so fortunate to have him here in Derbyshire. My only fear is that he will become so famous that he will set up a practice in Harley Street or will be seduced by some large teaching academy to move!